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Week: 555.2 Guest: Dr. Robert Goodwin, family practice, Baltimore, Md Topic: Cold or sinus infection? Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Cold or sinus problem? The answer next...

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NEMA: How do you tell when it's a tough cold...or if you need some help in getting rid of an infection? I figured I'd ask my doctor...Robert Goodwin, a physician in family practice in Towson, Maryland...

GOODWIN: With a sinus infection, the symptoms typically include pain or pressure in the sinuses... that their teeth hurt, others may feel that their symptoms get worse if they lean their head forward...typically, patients will also have a sustained fever with over 101 degrees. Frequently they will have dark yellow, green nasal discharge with a sinusitis. As far as simple colds go, patients typically wouldn't have a fever as high as they would with a sinusitis.

NEMA: How long should you wait before getting to a doctor?

GOODWIN: If you have upper respiratory symptoms for more than two weeks, and they're not getting better, then it's not likely that it's a simple cold.

NEMA: Dr. Robert Goodwin. I'm Steve Girard for the Heart of the Matter.