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Week: 558.5 Topic: Electromagnetic fields and health Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: EMF's and you....coming up...

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NEMA: Does exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields...or EMF's cause or contribute to cancers? The field is abuzz with activity, as the National Cancer Institute is leaving no frequency unweaked in it's attempt to find an answer. High doses of ionizing radiation, like x-rays, the gamma rays, can break atomic bonds and cause chromosomal damage...but many household electric devices do not have the power to move electrons from atoms, like x-rays. But we're still wondering what happens to us when we are close to power lines, radio transmitters, computers, electric blankets and microwave ovens. The NCI's Dr. Martha Linet, heads a large scale, long term study hoping to determine if low frequency EMF's, like the ones around the home, play a role in child leukemia. It's been going on since 1989...and Dr. Linet says the data should be out by Fall. She points out that though there were reports before 1993 that linked EMF's with a bigger risk of leukemia and brain cancers in adults, four big studies since have produced inconsistent evidence. A recent study completed by Brigham and Women's Hospital has concluded there is no increased cancer risk for electric blankets. So..sleep tight. I'm Steve Girard for the Heart of the Matter.