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Week: 560.5 Guest: George Hacker, Cntr. for Science in the Public Interest Topic: Liquor ads on broadcast media Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Liquor ads on TV...coming up.....

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NEMA: The liquor industry has recently ended a 40 year, self imposed ban on broadcast media advertising...we talked with George Hacker of the Center for Science in the Public Interest about the concerns associated with the change...

HACKER: We support the continued voluntary ban on liquor advertising in the broadcast media, principally because it represents a sea change in the advertising of opens up, potentially, the floodgates of advertising in our most powerful, youth oriented media, and we need to preserve the status quo in this instance.

NEMA: Hacker says kids already have too much unbalanced knowledge about alcohol from beer ads...and is hoping for continued voluntary restrictions from all alcohol producers...

HACKER: We can achieve a much more public health friendly and youth friendly playing field...level playing field...that is to restrict all ads similarly, rather than giving liquor producers the same free ride that brewers have.

NEMA: Hacker realizes with the hundreds of millions of dollars involved, legislative pressure is not likely, but there is a Senate hearing, and a possible FCC investigation. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.