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Week: 562.2 Guest: Dr. Neil Jacobsen, Prof. Psychology, Univ. of Washington, Seattle Topic: Persepctive changes in couples therapy Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Promising news in couples therapy...coming up

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NEMA: In a study of 20 couples going through relationship therapy, psychologist Neil Jacobson of the University of Washington used his 'integrative therapy'of combining acceptance and change strategies, to compare with traditional practices...

JACOBSON: ...and not only did we find that it worked better, but we found that it worked so much better, that we were able to achieve success rates that were beyond what we expected, and beyond anything I had seen in the literature on couples therapy research.

NEMA: Of the ten couples getting acceptance therapy, nine were rescued...another, larger study is planned...but Dr. Jacobson was left with new perspective....

JACOBSON: So acceptance is not only a desirable goal in its own right, but it may be a more effective strategy for getting change.

NEMA: Jacobson says pushing for change may actually polarize the relationship. Therapists can get Integrative Couple Therapy, by Jacobson and Christensen, from Norton books. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.