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Week: 562.3 Guest: Dr. Neil Jacobson, Prof. Psychology, Univ. of Washington, Seattle Topic: Relationship problems need a pro Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Get real help for your marital

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NEMA: We talked with psychologist Neil Jacobson from the University of Washington about his promising study on using acceptance techniques to help more couples out of trouble....but he also has some words of advice for people who might be prone to listen to the relationship hucksters peddling their own system of relationship bliss....

JACOBSON: It's something that you don't learn in school, it's something that you very seldom can learn from your parents' marriage. And the pop psychology literature is full of false prophets, who don't do research on their approaches, who don't document that they can do better than the 50% figure that I talked about...who don't even document that they can duplicate that 50% figure, but they can sell books because they find a title that catches the eye, and gets the reader to take it off the shelf.

NEMA: Neil Jacobson and colleague Andrew Christensen have a book about their new relationship work...called Integrative Couple Therapy, from Norton Books. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.