a special program of the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) 

Week 619.4

Guest Dr. Mark Lenet, president, American Podiatric Medical Association

Topic Walking shoes

Host/Producer Steve Girard

NEMA While it's true walking has about the same health benefits as jogging, in reducing stress and risk of heart disease, it's a lot easier on the body. But Dr. Mark Lenet of the American Podiatric Medical Association, says walking for fitness requires the right shoes...

LENET Well, I'm definitely an advocate, when it comes to any type of physical activity, to make sure that you're gear...running gear, walking gear, or whatever the activity might appropriate for the sport. And here's a situation where the better products really have value to them because of the means in which they're constructed. So, first thing I tell everybody is not to go out and buy just any old tennis shoe, and go take a walk. There's a reason for why the walking shoes are constructed the way they are, and there's a reason why the jogging shoes are constructed the way they are. If you're going to do a walking activity, then you should stick with a good walking shoe. Now, we have a program at the American Podiatric Medical Association that has the seal of approval to it....that we've had a number of evaluations that have been given to various products, and once that evaluation is completed, if it's acceptable, we will give the company that seal, and they can use it for their product. And there are a number of jogging shoes and walking shoes that have received ...actually it's the APMA seal of acceptance for their shoe.

NEMA Dr. Lenet advises that you find a shoe that's comfortable right out of the box...don't expect to break in an uncomfortable shoe. i'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.