a special program of the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) 

Week 620.1

Guest Chris Fanta, Clinical Director, Partners Asthma Ctr. Boston, MA

Topic Asthma education & treatment

Host/Producer Steve Girard

NEMA Asthma, that dangerously debilitating attack that cuts off your flow of air. But to prevent getting to that point, Dr. Chris Fanta of the Partners Asthma Center says you should know the signs of the disease...

FANTA It may be also milder, more persistent symptoms, that cough that wonÕt go away, the colds that linger all winter long with cough and congestion, the night time awakening cough, short of breath in the middle of the night...canÕt quite get your air - they may all be manifestations of asthma. And for many people, thinking of asthma as allergy of the bronchial tubes is not a bad way to look at it.

NEMA New treatments, taken once each day, can greatly reduce the chance of serious injury and death from asthma. Talk with your doctor if you think youÕre asthmatic. IÕm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.