a special program of the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) 

Week 620.2

Guest Chris Fanta, Clinical Director, Partners Asthma Ctr. Boston, MA

Topic Asthma education & treatment

Host/Producer Steve Girard

NEMA Scientists are very interested in sorting out why weÕre wheezing, coughing and losing our breath more than ever. This is Dr. Chris Fanta of the Partners Asthma Center in Boston...

FANTA HereÕs one theory. So much of what we understand about the allergic reaction of the bronchial tubes has to do with allergens...breathed in in the home environment. Persons are allergic not just to cat dander and dog dander, but house dust may have heard of...and cockroach antigen and mice and rats, and all sorts of things in the indoor environment, together with second hand smoke exposures, fumes from cooking, and gases and the like. So, people spend more time indoors, and there was a big push toward tighter, fuel efficient homes...and that may mean that thereÕs less circulation of fresh air through the home environment, and more exposure to these allergens.

NEMA Effective, once a day treatments reduce the irritation of the bronchial passages...and help a sufferer avoid injury and even death. IÕm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.