a special program of the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) 

Week 620.5

Guest Dr. Vickie Vaclavik, U. of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas

Topic Kitchen tips / avoiding bacteria 2

Host/Producer Steve Girard

NEMA 9 thousand of us die each year because of food borne bacteria..the most vulnerable are the elderly and the very young. Nutritionist Vicki Vaclavic says there are many things we can do, common sense precautions that can keep us from poisoning ourselves....

VACLAVIC And lathering for 20 seconds...I doubt that people really do that. Just washing at all is helpful. And using paper towels that can be discarded, in place of using used kitchen towels, which might have hung in the kitchen for several days...the food preparer needs to wash their hands often, they have pets and plants and raw meat...maybe diapers, maybe they're a smoker. They need to wash their hands.

NEMA And pay close attention in between the fingers, and under the nails. Like mom's lineup before dinner. I'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.