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Use the alphabetical index of topics (at left) for transcripts and RealAudio files of subjects covered by The Heart of the Matter. Just choose your subject of interest and see a list of all the Radio Programs we have ever produced concerning that subject. Once you find the transcript you are interested in, click on it and the actual transcript will be displayed right through the Web (must have a sound card in your computer).

Transcripts that cannot be viewed online or in audio can be obtained by contacting us via email.

A Word of Advice About Advice

The transcripts of The Heart of the Matter are provided for discussion purposes only. The interviewers come from a variety of fields, medical and otherwise. The opinions they express have not been verified by NEMA and are not intended as medical advice. NEMA may disagree with certain opinions they express. The growth of knowledge in the medical field changes rapidly. Some of the opinions and information provided on these transcripts may be out of date or subject to debate as to accuracy. Neither the National Emergency Medicine Association, nor its special program "Heart of the Matter," is engaged in providing medical or healthcare services or advice. Please consult your own physician regarding any conditions, symptoms, side effects, diseases, diagnosis, and treatments. We recommend regular check-ups.

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