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619(4).txt Walking shoes
6194 (RealAudio)

619(3).txt Walking; pitfalls
6193 (RealAudio)

Walking; benefits and pitfalls
6192 (RealAudio)

Walking; benefits and pitfalls
604(6).txt Argument for creatine supplementation
604(3).txt How Creatine is used
604(2).txt Creatine rebuttal
602(3).txt Creatine supplementation (Athletes)
602(2).txt Creatine supplementation (Athletes)
558(3).txt Hockey's penalty box is like a stewing pot
602(7).txt Creatine supplementation (Athletes)
A new year at the health club. . . how to stick it out
535(3-4).txt Pain and Exercise
534(2).txt Swim team- Competition and fitness go stroke for stroke
534(1).txt Benefits of Swimming
529(3).txt High School Sports Injuries
523(3-4).txt Advances in Sports Medicine
499(3-5).txt Jim Strassner tells how to get in Shape for Holidays
488(1-3).txt Self defense
486(3-5).txt Choosing the correct sport shoe
484(1-3).txt Tai Chi
460-1 to 460-2 Exercise Machines
459-4 to 459-5 Exercise Machines
454-4 to 454-5 Sports and Kids I & II
454-1 to 454-3 Holiday Shape Up I to III
426-1 to 426-2 Fitness Technology II
425-5 Fitness Technology I
343-3 to 343-5 Athletes I thru III
341-4 Learn to Evaluate Exercise Clubs
341-3 Exercise Clubs & Class Division
341-2 Exercise and Middle Ages
331-5 Competitive School Sports
295-3 Weight training (should Teenagers use them)
290-4 Bicycle Helmets
283-5 Exercise (the fountain of youth)
283-2 Exercise (for the aged)
268-5 Exercise (couch potatoes)
268-4 Exercise (Athletes)
268-3 Exercise (Sports)
268-2 Exercise (Teens)
268-1 Exercise (overall health)
259-1 to 259-5 Children And ATHLETICS I thru V
234-3 to 234-5 Anabolic Steroids & Risk I thru III
231-1 Bicycle Helmet Safety
098-2 Safe Substitute for Athletes
088-5 Athletes Seem To Endure Injury And Pain Better
066-3 Part II Of Our Feature On Anabolic Steroids
065-4 Are Athletes Using Steroids, And At What Cost
061-3 Risks For Children In Sports
048-4 Play ground Safety
047-1 The Importance Of Exercise
046-3 The Real Reason Why You Should Exercise
039-4 How Athletes With Injury Continue To Play
012-4 Sports Related Injuries
006-2 Hospital Health Club
002-3 Exercise & Heart
002-1 Exercise & Heart