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615(1-5).txt Five areas of importance when buckling in kids: Restraints
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613(5).txt Little Book of Parenting
613(1).txt Youth gun violence prevention program
612(5)txt RSV - respiratory syncytial virus & babies
608(5).txt Car seats 1 (We’re not buckling up our kids)
608(4).txt Immunizing adolescents against hepatitis B
605(5).txt Toy safety tips
605(1).txt Choosing safe toys
604(5).txt Watching TV with kids
604(4).txt Kids & too much T.V.
599(5).txt Lead poisoning in kids 
599(4).txt Kids and home based toxins  
596(2-4).txt Halloween Tips (three parts)
596(1).txt Preventing stroke in sickle cell kids 
591(2).txt Babyspeak study
591(1).txt Importance of Baby Speak
590(5).txt Immunizing adolescents against Hepatitis
589(2).txt Car seats
589(1).txt Car seats (We're not buckling up our kids)
582(1).txt Teen Sex Survey
578(5).txt Circumcision Pain
575(5).txt Champions of the Children's Miracle Network are the kids
575(4).txt The 1997 Children's Miracle Network program, May 31 to June 1
568(1-3).txt Pre Natal advice line, SIDS decline, Infant Mortality
563(5).txt A Parenting Van reaches out to a community
562(1).txt New views on Tourette's Syndrome
557(2).txt Kids are Drinking more Coffee - Is that a Good Thing
556(5).txt Quitting the ICU for Baby's sake
556(1).txt Teen Fatal Auto Crashes are Down
615(6).txt Five areas of importance when buckling in kids
614(6).txt In a Flash / gun violence prevention program
612(7).txt RSV - respiratory syncytial virus - children
605(6b).txt Choosing safe toys
604(7).txt Kids watching too much TV
595(6b).txt Halloween Safety Tips 
591(7).txt Babyspeak study
590(7).txt Immunizing adolescents against hepatitis B 
589(6b).txt Safe Kids Buckle Up Campaign 
583(6-A).txt Health on the Hill / Kids health insurance
581(7).txt In a Flash gun injury educational program 
578(7).txt 1-800-311-BABY & 1-800-504-7081
578(6).txt Should we always numb before circumcision
575(6).txt Raising money for children's hospitals
570(6).txt Trauma - prevention and juvenile program
568(6).txt 1-800-311-BABY & 1-800-504-7081
567(7).txt Keeping kids safe from poisons
560(7).txt Melding traditional medicine and a holistic approach for kids
550(5).txt Looking for Kid's Athletic Shoes?
548(3).txt Learning parenting/ family skills
547(2-3).txt Kids problems in creating a new family (Step-Families) parts 1 & 2
546(4-5).txt Ideas and tips for preventing childhood trauma
542(5).txt Child Anxiety during school and college changes
541(1-3).txt Nation's Child Abuse Problems
540-5.txt School Change Anxiety
539-5.txt Backpack Safety
530-(1-5).txt Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders
526(1).txt Children's Mental Health Outreach Program
525(5).txt We Learn About Children's Mental Health
524(5).txt We learn why Children "spit-up" REFLUX
524(4).txt Helping Children Deal with Violent Play
512(1-3).txt The Television Project (How children are affected by T.V.)
491(1-3).txt Kids and Inhalants
482-5 When is your Child too Sick to go to School
479-1 to 479-5 Child Abuse and Parents Anonymous
477-1 to 477-5 Internet and your Children
472-4 to 472-5 Chickenpox Vaccine
471-1 to 471-5 Teaching at risk youths
470-5 Vaccinations
465-3 to 465-5 DPT Vaccine
463-5 Auto Safety Seats
458-4 to 458-5 Auto Safety Belts I & II
457-1 to 457-5 Child Abuse I to V
447-1 to 447-2 Toy Safety
439-1 to 439-4 SIDS
435-1 to 435-5 School Avoidance
433-1 to 433-2 Kidprint
379-4 to 379-5 Children & Violence
379-1 to 379-3 Children & Sports
375-4 to 375-5 Child Abuse
345-5 Head Start Program (how does it operate)
345-4 Head Start Program (does this program work)
345-3 Head Start Program (poverty)
345-2 Head Start Program (children & parents)
345-1 Head Start Program (how it began)
336-2 Birth Defects - Dislocated Hip
336-1 Birth Defects - Club Foot
311-2 Pain relief for our Infants
300-3 Infant Survival (medicine for underdeveloped lungs)
300-2 Premature Births II (smoking & alcohol)
300-1 Premature Births I (neonatal intervention )
299-5 Black Infant Mortality
290-3 Children & Fire & Scalds
289-3 Child Safety Seats
289-2 # 1 Killer of our Children
286-4 Infant Mortality (reasons for the increase)
286-3 Poor Children (demographics)
286-2 Health Care (Children who don't have access to)
276-1 Premature Infants
256-3 Driving with Epilepsy
248-2 Day Care/Injuries Facilities
248-1 Injury Prevention Strategies
247-5 Injury (Childhood)
232-4 Immunizations Part II
232-3 Immunizations
232-1 Day Care/ Nursery/ Contagious Illness
230-2 to 230-3 Pediatric Communications Disorder I and II
228-3 Pediatric Physical
228-1 to 228-2 Pediatric Exam I and II
222-5 Safe Kids (Scalds)
222-4 Safe Kids (Burns)
222-3 Safe Kids (Motor Vehicle Accidents)
222-1 to 222-2 Safe Kids Champaign I & II
220-4 to 220-5 Safe Kids I and II
217-2 to 217-5 Childhood Traumatic Injury I thru IV
100-5 Child Abuse
100-2 Accidents & Children
097-4 Why aren't Children treated for pain like adults
093-4 Lollipop replaces injections/children
093-3 If You Are Concerned About Day Care For Your Child
090-1 Controversial Medicine for Children
085-3 Injury Risks That Kill 10,000 Children Every Year
084-5 Liz Roberts Reports On Americas Child Abuse Epidemic
084-1 New Emergency Diagnostics For Children
082-1 Serious Injuries/Children
081-3 What Is Killing Our Children? Car Accidents
076-1 Newborns Who Can't Breath
075-4 Epilepsy's Been With Us For Over A Thousand Years
071-1 Hospital Emergency Rooms For Children
065-2 What is the 2nd Cause Of Death Among Children
064-5 The Mother of an Autistic Teen - What She has to say
060-1 Rare Condition - Dwarfism
053-5 Insights About Step Families
049-5 Latest On Bringing Up Baby
046-2 How Fetuses Can Be Treated In The Womb
039-5 The Crying Baby (answers)
038-2 Advances in helping premature Infant survive
037-3 How Simple Touching Can Help Preemies To Survive
022-5 Home Hospital Program For Chronically Ill Children
016-5 A Story About Adoption Of Special Children
010-2 The State Of Our Children's Health
008-5 Hospital - Only Place To Have A Baby?
007-5 Kennedy Institute -Disabled Children
006-3 Infant Mortality