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541(4-5) to 542(1).txt Nat'l Cancer Institute on Prostate Cancer Problems (Parts 1 to 3)
388-1 to 388-5 Prostate Cancer
357-5 Prostate Cancer (Can a vasectomy increase the risk)
352-3 Being Bald - New Alternatives
352-2 Hair Flap Surgery
352-1 Male Pattern Baldness
349-5 Prostate Cancer (New approach to the disease)
338-5 Prostate Cancer (Seems to be on the increase)
338-4 Prostate Cancer (treatment for very elderly men)
338-3 Being a Father is a Man's Most Important Job
338-2 Men also have a Biological Clock
320-2 Hair Flap Surgery (procedures)
320-1 Hair Flap Surgery (New treatment for baldness)
292-4 Prostate Cancer (After diagnosis)
292-3 Prostate Cancer (Diagnosing)
292-2 Prostate Gland (Where it is and what it does)
280-5 Impotence (Penal Implants)
280-4 Impotence (how diabetes & Hypertension causes it)
280-3 Impotence (tests to determine reasons)
280-2 Impotence (psychological cause of)
280-1 Impotence (reasons for)
253-4 Male Pattern Baldness (Side Effects of Rogaine)
253-3 Male Pattern Baldness (Rogaine)
253-2 Male Pattern Baldness (New drug to cure some)
253-1 Male Pattern Baldness (genetics)
221-2 Male Physical Exam - Part II
221-1 Male Physical Exam Part 1
083-2 Answers to the vexing problem of Hair Loss
077-3 Prostate cancer can kill
074-4 Baldness and a Cure for Some
047-3 Male Infertility
040-4 Vasectomy Reversal
022-3 Prostate Cancer