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618(5).txt Dairy foods and the DASH diet for hypertension
6185 (RealAudio)

618(4).txt DASH diet for hypertension
6184 (RealAudio)

618(1).txt Periodontal disease / heart disease
6181 (RealAudio)

616(5).txt Chocolate and heartburn
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614(4).txt Heart attack signs & response
6144 (RealAudio)

614(2-3).txt Study on lack of awareness of heart attack signs (2 parts)
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611(5)txt Homosystiene & Heart Disease
611(3)txt Hypertension -DASH diet
611(2)txt Vitamin E & Heart Disease
608(2).txt Study on ischmia and emotions
608(1).txt What is ischemia?
604(1).txt New high blood pressure guidelines
600(5).txt Aspirin recommended during heart attacks 
600(4).txt Aspirin dosage against heart attacks 
600(3).txt Why aspirin helps prevent heart attacks 
593(5).txt Blood pressure/Young blacks
593(4).txt Bringing research ideas into practice
593(3).txt American Heart Association goals
590(3).txt Study on ischmia and emotions
590(2).txt What is ischmia?
571(1-2).txt Heart Surgery Robots
569(4).txt Early Heart Attack Care Program
569(3).txt Chest Pain Emergency Rooms
565(1-2).txt Indications of a Heart Attack
560(2).txt The Visible Human Project
558(1-2).txt Beta Blockers are best for cardiac problems