619(6).txt Certification of medical sonographers
601(6a).txt NIH review of Acupuncture efficacy 
596(7).txt New technique to regrow nerves 
UCP 2 gene may regulate fat storage
554(1-2).txt Research relationships between academia and industry- Two Parts
553(4-5).txt Healthy People 2000 update, Two Parts
507(1-5).txt Acupuncture
502(1-4).txt Cat scan
452-1 (3-D) CAT SCANS I
451-4 to 451-5 (3-D) Cat Scans IV & V
448-1 to 448-5 Biofeedback I to V
442-1 to 442-3 Diagnostic Imaging I to III
370-1 to 370-5 Medical Privacy
367-3 Problems can arise if you don't have your own Dr.
367-1 to 367-2 How to talk to your Doctor
350-3 Hyperbaric Chamber
343-2 Laser II
343-1 Laser I
326-3 Human Genome Project (Gene Research)
314-4 Endoscope (Peering up and down in the body)
308-5 Acupuncture and the Placebo Effect
308-4 Acupuncture Theories
272-5 The Abdominal Examination
272-3 Physical Exams
272-2 Physical Exams - Who should have one
237-5 Radiology Techniques IV (3D Images)
237-3 Radiology Techniques III (Brain Scans)
237-2 Radiology Techniques II (Surgical Wand)
237-1 Radiology Techniques I
216-3 Autopsies
097-5 Life Saving LASER Beams
096-3 Model - Trauma Victims are helped by Computers
088-1 New Life Saving Medical Procedure (Tracheotomy)
080-3 More Good and Bad News about Medical Testing
069-1 The Inside Story about Medical Labs
067-5 Magnetic resonance Imaging
034-4 Medical Testing Story Part II
032-2 Neurosurgery
030-5 How accurate or inaccurate all these Medical Tests
029-5 A new medical specialty - Bioethics (Fetal Cells)
028-1 The Roots of Modern Medicine