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617(3).txt Thyroid treatments
6173 (RealAudio)

617(2).txt Thyroid problems and depression
6172 (RealAudio)

617(1).txt Thyroid function
6171 (RealAudio)

599(2).txt Digestive ulcer treatments 
599(1).txt Ulcers - who’s at risk?
586(3).txt Antacids
555(5).txt Splitting Livers for Two Patients
617(6).txt Thyroid problems and depression
543(1).txt Low protein diet for Nephrotic Kidney Syndrome
539(3-4).txt Hepatitis C
510(1-3).txt Irritable Bowel Syndrome
438-1 to 438-5 Stomach Ulcers
418-3 to 418-5 Intestinal Parasites
414-1 to 414-2 Kidney Stones
406-4 to 406-5 Gall Bladder Disease
406-3 Gallstones
382-3 to 382-5 The Endocrine System
350-5 Ulcer (How to deal with them)
350-4 Ulcer (Understanding the Process)
350-2 Kidney Stones (How to avoid getting them)
344-3 Kidney III (Organ transplants)
344-2 Kidney II (Paranoia)
344-1 Kidney I (Ibuprofin)
340-5 Bowel Disease (new test makes treatment easier)
324-5 Should Only Rich children receive organ transplants
314-5 Gall Bladder Surgery (new techniques)
287-1 to 287-5 Organ Transplants
278-5 Gall Bladder (Non-surgical)
278-1 Indigestion
257-5 Kidney Stones V
257-4 Kidney Stones IV
257-3 Kidney Stones III
257-2 Kidney Stones II
257-1 Kidney Stones I
254-5 Ulcer (What Treatment Works)
254-4 Ulcer (A Ulcer or a stomach ailment)
254-3 Ulcer (Do You Think You Have One)
254-2 Ulcer (Causes of Ulcers)
231-4 Liver Recipient's Story
231-3 Organ Procurements
231-2 Liver Transplantation
210-2 Laparoscope (To remove the Gall Bladder)
208-4 Spasm in the Bile Duct
202-4 Cirrhosis of the Liver
202-3 Liver Regeneration
094-5 Ulcer Suffers
093-5 Ulcers, Stress and Medication
060-5 Kidney Stones
033-4 What ties you up in knots - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
032-4 Chronic Gut Ache
016-3 Gallstones (What are they)
015-5 If You Suffer for Ulcers - Some News You Can Use
014-4 Two Disease people won't talk about - Ileitis, Colitis