National Emergency Medicine Association - NEMA


566(1).txt What is wrong with too many Doctors
565(3-5).txt Are there too many Doctors/Reduce Dr. numbers/Trend fewer Dr.
565(7).txt Why we have a surplus of doctors
565(6).txt Joint effort to reduce American medical residencies, prevent oversupply of doctors 525(2).txt Choosing The Right Surgeon
488(4).txt When to go to your doctor
485(1-5).txt Detecting domestic violence
404-2 Family Physician II
404-1 Family Physician (who would benefit)
342-4 House Calls (in this day and age)
340-4 Family Physicians Delivering Babies
340-3 Family Physicians Being Paid More
339-5 Check On Your Physician
271-3 Surgery Prep for Doctors
218-3 Obstetrician Shortage
090-5 Medical Residency From A Spouses Point Of View
090-4 A Medical Resident Talk About His Experiences
083-5 Patch Adams A Most Unusual Doctor
079-2 More From Dr. Barrett Exposes Medical Quackery
078-4 Are You The Victim Of A Quack?
052-2 Pointers To Help You Choose A Physician
051-4 Do Black Physicians Have a Special Role?