National Emergency Medicine Association - NEMA


614(1).txt Cloning bills in Congress
6141 (RealAudio)

610(5)txt Humor’s role in human success
610(4)txt Women & equality
610(3)txt Societal ills/prehistoric roles
610(1)txt Clinton announces new age for Medicare
606(1).txt News on patients’ rights
599(3).txt Shriners’ Hospital 75th anniversary 
598(1).txt FDA reform in Congress 
594(3).txt Media & health
594(2).txt Satcher nomination to Surgeon General
594(1).txt Surgeon General post
592(1).txt Besieged tobacco farms
591(5).txt Study on patient trust
591(4).txt HMOs in research
591(3).txt Student research program at the NIH
590(1).txt Medical marijuana
580(1).txt Joe Camel
564(5).txt High tech, low cost medical monitoring
564(4).txt Developing a Smart Airbag
562(3).txt Relationship problems need a Professional
562(2).txt Persepctive changes in couples therapy
554(3).txt Have a Hangover
613(6a).txt Congress bills on human cloning
609(7)txt PBS series on the 20th century
609(6a)txt Clinton announces new age for Medicare
605(6a).txt Patients’ Rights Bill
599(6b).txt Shriner’s Hospitals 75th Anniversary
597(6a).txt FDA reform passes 
593(6a).txt Satcher nomination as Surgeon General
591(6a).txt Tobacco under siege
587(6A ).txt Final Medicare measure 
581(6A).txt Medicare reform efforts
564(6).txt Smart car seats help air bags
563(6-7).txt Gulf War Syndromes confirmed (Two Parts)
562(7).txt Changing perspective in marital therapy
560(6).txt Liquor ads jump onto electronic media
550(2).txt Pornography on your Home Computer
548(4-5).txt NIH Gene Map Project Topic: Bio-informatics speeds research
547(4).txt Antibiotic resistant bacteria initiative
542(2-4).txt Research America Parts 1-2-3
540(3-4).txt Grateful Medical Internet Program
537(1-2).txt Anger and Health
469-1 to 469-5 TV Violence and the effect on viewers
467-1 to 467-5 Domestic Violence
441-1 to 441-5 Gunshot Victims
432-3 to 432-5 Homeless
430-4 to 430-5 Automobile and Anger
409-1 to 409-5 Gunshot Wounds
404-3 to 404-4 Disabled Persons
400-3 to 400-5 Rainbow (peer support)
324-4 Leaving a Bad Relationship
324-3 Choosing A Mate
324-2 Airlines (safer today than years ago)
323-4 Airlines (seats)
323-3 Airlines (safety)
323-2 Poisonous Relationship
270-2 Victim, What To Do
260-2 to 260-5 Juvenile Delinquents I thru IV
248-5 Firearm Injuries & Prevention
096-1 Part II How Our Genes Affect Our Health And Lives
095-1 How Genetics Affects Our Health And Our Lives....
094-3 Good News For Parents Of Teenagers
086-3 More Than A Million Wives Are Beaten Every Year In US
076-2 Support Groups For Patients
074-1 A Little Heard From Group, Victims
066-5 More About The Homeless And Health Care
062-2 The Growing Number Of Homeless In America
059-1 Painful Legacy of Vietnam
055-3 Can We Do Anything To Prevent Juvenile Delinquency?
036-1 How Computers Help the Disabled