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567(1-2).txt Precursors of Stroke (signs you are having a stroke)
600(6).txt Aspirin and preventing heart attacks and strokes
595(6a).txt Preventing stroke in sickle cell victims 
587(6B ).txt Stroke dangers/warning signs 
569(6).txt The cost effectiveness of TPA for stroke patients
567(6).txt Stroke dangers and warning signs
524(1).txt Stroke Drugs, TPA & Citicoline
523(1).txt Warfarin...Stroke Prevention Drug
359-4 Stroke IV (future benefits from research)
359-3 Stroke III (prevent brain damage)
359-2 Stroke II (a model of the brain used in research)
359-1 Stroke I (remarkable discovery)
334-2 Strokes (how they affect the whole family)
334-1 Multiple Strokes (warning signs & what to do)
333-3 Strokes (new treatment to prevent and treat)
323-5 Strokes (we learn from people who recover functions)
282-5 Strokes (test to diagnose)
282-4 Strokes (and depression)
282-3 Strokes (who is most likely to have one)
282-2 Strokes (quick emergency treatment)
282-1 Strokes (types of)
249-5 Experimental therapies (Stroke)
249-4 Can we prevent a Stroke
249-3 Effects from a Stroke
249-2 Stroke Rehabilitation
249-1 Strokes
237-4 MRI Scans & Strokes
045-4 Strokes
031-2 Strokes Are A Major Cause Of Death In America