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National Heart Council
Five Minute Guide to Heart Attack Prevention and Survival $1.00 $0.60

Heart Health Tips Pocket Card

$1.00 $0.60
Heart Attack Survival Manual $2.50 $0.80
Straight from the Heart Video $100.00 $4.90
Aspirin Pill Pack $1.00 $0.60
National Stroke Council

Five Minute Guide to Stroke (Brain Attack) Prevention & Survival

$1.00 $0.60

Stop Brain Attack Pocket Card

$1.00 $0.60
Stroke Survival Manual $2.50 $0.80
Brain Attack Poster $10.00 $2.00

Kids Do Matter

  • If you are a teacher or counselor, please contact us about how you can obtain a copy of our video for your school.

In A Flash Video

$100.00 $4.90

Fitting In Video

$100.00 $4.90
Choices Video $100.00 $4.90
Little Book of Parenting $2.50 $1.35
Flash Activity Book $2.50 $0.90
The Champion in All of Us $2.50 $0.70

The Champion in All of Us Teachers Guide

$2.50 $1.40
Alzheimer's Council

Keeping Your Brain Healthy Pocket Card

$1.00 $0.60

Alzheimer's - Hope Through Education

$2.50 $1.00
Senior Life

Safe Seniors

$2.50 $0.75

Retirement - Choosing a Place to Retire

$2.50 $0.45
Thoughtful Will $1.00 $0.60
Water - The Forgotten Requirement $2.50 $0.45

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§ If you are ordering multiple copies or from outside the continental United States, the actual postage maybe different than the amount showing above.

§ Please contact us for special pricing and postage for quantities of 25 or more.

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