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The National Emergency Medicine Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1982, committed to trauma prevention and the delivery of quality emergency medical services at each stage of trauma with an emphasis on first response at the time of the emergency. NEMA produces the national radio show, The Heart of the Matter, as well books, tapes, videos and other materials on a broad range of health-related subjects.

Our Mission

NEMAhe Mission of the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) and its Special Programs is the prevention of injury and illness by addressing health and social issues through education, applied research, technology, and equipment.

Our mission statement is what drives all of NEMA's educational programs in trauma prevention.

NEMA is known for its national radio health program, The Heart of the Matter, Gold Medal winner of the International Radio Festival of New York. It airs daily on more than 150 stations throughout the country. Now in its 12th year of broadcasting, the program features interviews with prominent experts on a wide variety of health-related topics.

NEMA also sponsors several special programs,

  • National Heart Council
  • National Stroke Council
  • Kids Do Matter
  • Seniors Life Council

The work of NEMA -- Prevention, Education and Research is carried out by these special programs through the production of educational media and through grants that NEMA awards to organizations throughout the country.

For example, NEMA has successfully

  • Supported the first chest pain emergency room and helped hospitals establish others nationwide

  • Produced the much-acclaimed In A Flash gun violence prevention video for youth, and its companion activity book for young children

  • Supported the operation of a medical van for health care to the poor and homeless

  • Given a hospital a much-needed prenatal ambulance

  • Helped thousands become certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Informed millions of Americans about the warning signs of heart attack and stroke, and the importance of healthy lifestyles and immediate response to trauma


Among its many materials, NEMA

  • Delivers the daily award-winning radio health program, The Heart of the Matter

  • Developed the Little Book of Parenting, now in its third printing, that teaches parenting skills to promote healthy, trauma-free child development


NEMA awards grants nationally to research facilities and direct service providers working on treatments to prevent trauma and reverse trauma damage. These grants assist:

  • Trauma Centers
  • Community Emergency Squads
  • Hospital Heart Centers
  • Visiting Nurse Associations
  • Health Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Doctors
  • Community Health Care Stations


We Rely on You

NEMA receives no federal funding but is supported solely by the generosity of donors like you. Look around this site and you’ll see the many different outreaches that your money can help to provide. To find out how you can support the life saving efforts of the National Emergency Medicine Association, click here.


Statement of Ownership

NEMA is the sole owner of the contents of The Heart of the Matter and all text contained or presented on this Internet site. The copyright and common law ownership rights to these materials are reserved by and to NEMA exclusively. All service marks and names of NEMA (and of its programs) are solely owned by NEMA, as are all designs, logos, and drawings herein.

Disclaimer: NEMA Provides No Medical Advice

The fields of medicine and science change rapidly. NEMA provides educational medical information and research data as a public service only, for the purpose of educating the public and not as medical advice. NEMA encourages persons to consult with their physicians if they have questions about heart attacks, stroke or related topics.
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