National Emergency Medicine Association
NEMA Business Practices


National Emergency
Medicine Association (NEMA)
Business Practices


  • All orders will be shipped via UPS the same day or the following business day after receiving an order.
  • UPS ground shipping charge and handling charge is as shown with the products selected for purchase.
  • UPS shipments are delivered within 7 to 10 days of shipping date.
  • International orders will receive notification of shipping date, methods of shipment and approximate delivery date.
  • Your credit card will be charged at the time of order.



  • All merchandise can be returned for full credit or replacement for a period of 60 days from date of shipment. Upon receipt of merchandise credit will be issued to your credit card.
  • Defective merchandise can be returned for the same item or full credit within 60 days. NEMA will reimburse customer for Shipping costs for returns of defective merchandise.
  • All merchandise, including all enclosed material, must be returned in the original box. Be sure to return the merchandise in such a way that it is not damaged.
  • Before returning any merchandise you must obtain a Good Return Number (GRN) by sending an e-mail to our Office Manager at, No merchandise for return will be accepted without a GRN number on the outside of the package.
  • All authorized returns are to be sent to:
    Office Manager
    NEMA - Merchandise
    306 W. Joppa Road
    Baltimore, Maryland 21204-4048
    Monday to Friday - 8AM to 4PM (EST)



  • We accept VISA, Master Card, personal checks or bank drafts.
  • Make all checks payable to NEMA, Inc.
  • For security information, see section below.


Back Orders:

  • Should an item be out of stock when you place your order you will be notified by e-mail that the item is on back order along with an estimated time of when we expect to have the item back in stock.
  • Credit will be issued to your credit card immediately if the item you order is on back order.
  • When the items are replaced to our inventory we will send e-mail to you advising you that the item is now in inventory. If you would like to reorder you may re-enter your order via our web site.



  • All manufacturers warranties apply to the first retail purchaser for all merchandise.
  • Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty may last and some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so that any limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
  • All manufacturer’s warranties are included with merchandise when shipped.
  • Disclosures required by law, in connection with any warranty as to any product, are provided by the manufacturer on the product or as an enclosure (e.g., warranty card) with the package when it is shipped. NEMA is not a manufacturer and does not provide any independent or supplemental warranty. However, NEMA does provide a full-credit refund policy. This is explained in our business practices statement on this web site.



  • Your order may be canceled at any time prior to shipment. Contact the Office Manager to cancel your order.


Condition of Goods:

  • All merchandise sold by NEMA is sold as new.


Web Page (File) Security:

  • All web documents and transactional information for the National Emergency Medicine Association are maintained under standard Unix file security. This is a multi-level access control methodology with different access capabilities accorded to ownership of a file.
  • NEMA web pages are secured such that they may be read, but not modified, by the web server itself. This access is necessary for the web server to function.
  • Modification rights are accorded only to programming staff at DoubleClick’d Publications.
  • All transaction type web pages (materials, orders, contributions) are maintained and processed on a secure web server using the SSL data transmission protocol. Contribution information is retained on the server only as long as necessary for operational transfer to the fulfillment organization and operational recovery purposes.
  • An administrative override password does exist which is known only to Business Net staff.


Hacking Protection:

  • The web server upon which the NEMA site operates is secured against hacking at industry standard levels.
  • Software patches provided by vendors in response to identified security exposures are applied as they become available.
  • Administrative passwords and supervisory passwords are changed on a regular basis and are known only by necessary personnel.
  • Network ports for services not in use on the server are disabled. System logging services record (among others) file transfers in and out, file deletion and file creation indicating the user ID, file name and time of the occurrence.
  • Invalid supervisory password attempts are recorded with the time of the attempt and the network source address from which the attempt was made. Any such attempt is also logged on the main Business Net system log.


All questions and requests for other information should be directed to:

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