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Beth Israel Medical Center                                  
Cardiology Division
New York, New York 10003
For research to  reverse the effects of heart disease through
program of comprehensive lifestyle changes.    
Mather Hospital                                                  
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Department of Cardiology
Port Jefferson, New York  11777-2190                         
Hyperbaric oxygen thrombolysis in myocaedial infraction.  
and a second grant for Cardiovascular Research    
Shawnee Mission Medical Center                                            
Chest Pain Emergency Room and Early Cardiac Program
Shawnee, Kansas 66201
Equipment needed to support and continue ongoing educational 
effort for the treatment of patients with cardiac Emergencies.  
Overlake Hospital Foundation      	                  
Reigert Chest Pain Center
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Equipment for a chest pain center, two Mortara ELI 100/St- 
Segment Monitors, one Dell Computer, and one HP Lj4 Printer.     
St. Agnes Hospital                                              
The Paul Dudley White Coronary Care Chest Pain Emergency Center                                       
Catonsville, Maryland  21229-5299
To establish a Chest Pain Emergency Room first of its kind in
the United States.  This grant has been a model for an additional
293 new chest pain center and 262 pending across the country since
this grant was given to Saint Agnes Hospital.   
and a second grant for:    
Printed information on Early Heart Attack Care to be distributed 
national to industrial centers.    
Saint Joseph Medical Center                            
Chest Pain Evaluation Center
Towson, Maryland 21204-9978                            
Equipment and supplies to maintain the chest pain evaluation 
American Heart Association of Pennsylvania                           
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120                                  
For the distribution of educational material about heart disease 
and heart disease prevention in the state of Pennsylvania for 1994
and 1995.    
Akron General Medical Center                          
Akron, Ohio 44307                                       
A clinical trail of an investigative drug for the treatment of 
acute ishemic stroke.  The drug is an neuroprotective agent.
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine            
Department of Neurology
Baltimore, Maryland  21224
To establish a stroke hot line.
Butterworth Hospital                                         
Department of Neurology
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
The characteristics influencing delay in seeking treatment in 
patients experiencing the signs and symptoms of a stroke.
Neurologic Associates, Ltd.                                
Palos Heights, Illinois 60463
For the education of personnel from  Emergency Medical Technicians
/ Paramedics to Emergency Room Physicians on the need for rapid 
response to cerebral infraction. 
University of Missouri-Columbia                        
School of Medicine Department of Neurology
Columbia, Missouri  65212
For the development of an acute stroke care network for rural 
Oklahoma City Fire Department                       
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106
Counseling for the rescuers as a result of the Oklahoma City 
Parents Anonymous of Maryland                      
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
To print and distribute 15,000 copies of the 2nd Edition of The 
Maryland Parents' Home Companion. 
and One used computer.                                                           
The Sanctuary                                                     
Project Life
Baltimore, Maryland 21226
A Retired Naval Hospital Ship
anchored in Baltimore, MD.  
To establish a family practice center for people without health 
insurance.  The Sanctuary deals with single parents and children 
in a large degree.    
Save A Life Foundation                                                
Grayslake, Illinois 60030
To support the work of fire departments in their application of 
Save A Life for KIDS. 
Scared Heart Foundation                                     
Mission in Motion Mobile Health Van Unit
Pensacola, Florida 32513-2700
Free health care to indigent, un-insured and the medically needy.  
Saint Claire Medical Outreach                             
Mobile Health Van
Wilmington, Delaware 19805
Primary medical care for the un-insured, homeless and medically 
National Stroke Association                               
Englewood, Colorado 80111-5015
To support NSA's Clinical Trails Acceleration Program (CTAP). 
This program is to make stroke recognized as an emergent event and
Catonsville Community College                         
Prescribed Active Cardiac Exercise Program (PACE)
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
One defibrillator for the PACE program, for instructional and 
educational use. 
National Committee To Prevent Child Abuse     
Chicago, Illinois 60604-4357
To develop a book on the importance of the role of Fathers in 
raising children.  The primary goal is to educate children and 
their families about child abuse prevention.  
Franklin Square Hospital Center                         
Cardiac Services Division
Baltimore, Maryland 21237-3998
A new intraaortic balloon pump.  To be used to provide temporary
circulatory support for patients of Cardiac Cauterization, 
Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department
who have severe but potentially reversible left ventricular 
Chandler Hospital                                              
Savannah, Georgia 
Cardiovascular Research    
Florida Hospital                                                  
Orlando, Florida                                     
Cardiovascular Research    
St. Clare Van Outreach Program                            
St. Francis Hospital
Wilmington, Delaware
A traveling Health Van in the Wilmington Area    
Two Grants to Austin Emergency Medical Service Dept.          
Austin, Texas
Training of minorities in CPR    
Two Grants to American Red Cross                                            
Washington, D.C. 
CPR training in Spanish and CPR Training     
University  Hospital                                            
Shock Trauma Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Computer search interface/user support system.    
Jefferson Medical College                                 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stroke research    
and a second grant:    
Jefferson Medical College                                   
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Further research for early response to stroke.    
Two Grants to Visiting Nurse's                                                   
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Hospice work    
Children Hospital Medical Center                      
Washington, D.C.
Children accident prevention    
Freeman Memorial   
l Hospital                           
Inglewood, California
Angioplasty study    
The American Trauma Association                    
Landover,  Maryland
Publication of injury prevention booklet    
University of Maryland                                       
Baltimore, Maryland
For purchase of prenatal ambulance    
Center for Living                                                
Baltimore, Maryland
Rehabilitation program for severely injured head trauma patients    
Center for Science in the Public  Interest         
Washington, D.C.
Children trauma     
Clayton Heart Center                                         
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland
Heart disease research    
and a second grant:    
Clayton Heart Center                                         
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland
Studies of Aids virus in patients receiving emergency medical 
Cornith Hospital                                                 
Cornith,  New York
Equipment for Ambulance    
Georgetown University Hospital                        
Georgetown,  Maryland
Heart disease research    
National Institute Of Health                               
Bethesda, Maryland
Research into Coronary Ischemia    
Paul's Place                                                         
Baltimore, Maryland
Emergency medical equipment    
Persad Center                                                      
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aids educational program    
Special Kids in Publishing                                  
Bethesda, Maryland
Publications for special children    
Geisinger Medical Center                                    
Danville, Pennsylvania
CPR training    
CPR Training                                                       
Across the Country
Payment for CPR training to individuals across the country.    
National  Stroke Association                              
Englewood, California
Stroke related programs    
Ripleys Life Squad                                              
Ripley, Ohio
Emergency equipment for response unit    
Newcomerstown Rescue Squad                          
Newcomerstown, Ohio
Equipment for a emergency response unit


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