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NEMA grants emphasize cardiac-related clinical and applied research, wellness education programs and trauma support services. NEMA works with other non-profit organizations through its special programs, National Heart Council and National Stroke Council

Numerous grants have provided essential funding to physicians, health clinics, trauma centers and hospital heart centers, like St. Agnes' Hospital Coronary Care Unit in Catonsville, Maryland.

St. Agnes' Coronary Care Unit was the first of it's kind in the US and became a model for 30% of Hospitals operating nationwide.

NEMA also contributed funds to the country's first shock trauma unit, the Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cowley is a model for all designated shock trauma units nationally.

NEMA program's also support other areas of trauma prevention and emergency medical services for individuals of all ages, living in every area of the US.

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A Sampling of Our Grants

Chicago's Save A Life Foundation which works with local fire departments to offer first aid CPR instruction for children.
Wilmington, Delaware's St. Claire Medical Outreach Mobile Van Sponsored by St. Francis Hospital in partnership with the ministry of Caring. The vehicle places medical services right into the heart of communities by providing medical care to the uninsured.
Baltimore's Project Life, The Sanctuary offers a 90-day residential shipboard drug rehabilitation program and family medical services for the poor.
Peachtree Arizona's Emergency Medical Services has been able to refit a government surplus ambulance, making emergency transportation available to the Hualupei Indian Tribe.
Other Grant recipients include:
Center for Cardiovascular Research, University of South Florida, College of Medicine for cardiovascular monitoring equipment.
Visiting Nurses Association, Scranton, PA, to provide supporting care to homebound patients.
MIEMSS (Shock Trauma), Baltimore, MD, for the purchase of a neonatal ambulance.
Jefferson Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, for research for early response to stroke.
John T. Mather Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY, to support research in cardiovascular medicine.

For a complete list of grants awarded by NEMA click here: (GRANT LIST)

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NEMA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We receive no federal funding but are supported exclusively through the generosity of private donors across the country.To support the life saving efforts of the National Emergency Medicine Association, you may send your donations or make your bequest to our address on our HOME PAGE.