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This "Heart Attack First Aid Kit" is our gift to your good health, and, even though you don't have to, won't you please send your contribution of $10. or more.

Dear Internet Contributor:

When you consider that 350,000 heart attack victims will die this year before they receive any treatment at all...isn't it extremely important that you be prepared?

If you don't know all of the ways to reduce your own risk of heart attack, or if you think you might just panic when you could be saving someone's life, I have a very important gift for you. 

This "new" kit is filled with valuable articles that just might enable you to avoid a heart attack, save the life of someone you love, or may enable emergency personnel or others to save your life.

The distribution of "Heart Attack First Aid Kits" is just one of the many ways in which National Heart Council strikes back against heart attack. It's a battle we can't afford to lose … you and I.

National Heart Council heart attack emergency programs include:

Support of community-based CPR education programs
Financing heart attack drug and treatment research
Promoting the establishment of a nationwide network of "Chest Pain Emergency Rooms" that has and will continue to significantly cut the number of heart attack deaths.

The "Heart Attack First Aid Kit" is yours for the asking. You have the power to make a real and significant difference. If you could send along just a small gift…you could actually save lives and help to assure that we ultimately win this fight against heart disease.

I urge you to request your "Heart Attack First Aid Kit" today, and to send along a tax-deductible gift of $10. or more.

Thank you.

Please make checks payable to:

306 W. Joppa Road
Towson, Maryland 21204

(available while supplies last)


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