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Week: 527.5 Guest: Don Mauer, Food columnist and author of Lean and Lovin' It! Topic: Baking Low fat - One Part Host: Steve Girard Producer: Ed Graham

NEMA: Finally, I get to talk to the lean guy about my favorite...desserts...Don Mauer is here with us...his way of creating great low fat dishes...on which he lost more than 100 pounds I might add...is available in Lean and Lovin' It from Chapters Publishing. Don, you know what I want to hear about!

MAUER: Baking. People love desserts. Big time. Now, at 308 pounds, I used to find a one pound bag of M&M's to be a single serving size. So I love chocolate, and I love desserts and I love sweet things...so I couldn't stick to a low fat lifestyle for the rest of my life, without those kind of things. I found two things for most baked goods that I think work the best. Number one: non-fat, plain yogurt is a great substitute for the shortening in any baked good, whether its a muffin or a cake. People started, a couple of years ago saying, Hey, Don...applesauce is a great substitution in stuff...and I never really tried it before. And they were right, once I finally started working with it they were right, but I have a different, I have a Don Mauer lean style spin to applesauce. Drain it. What I start to do when I'm gonna make a dish is, I take a stainless steel mesh strainer, put it over a bowl, so its not touching the bottom of the bowl, and dump in probably one and a half times the amount of applesauce you'll need, so if it called for two sticks of butter, a cup of butter in this dish, I'm gonna put in a cup of applesauce instead...and what I'll do is take a cup and a half of applesauce, put it in the bowl, and let it drain. The first thing that I do...then I start getting everything ready for whatever I'm going to do, get out the bowls, the pans, and all the ingredients and measure stuff out...and by the time I need the applesauce, it probably would have drained off about a third of the liquid. So there's about a half a cup of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Now, what's that liquid? Its apple juice. What's apple juice? Water. What's left in the strainer, then? Apple fiber. And I find that works much better on a one to one exchange, for any baked good, than undrained applesauce...and I'm talking about unsweetened applesauce. Natural applesauce...take a look on the side of the bottle, make sure it doesn't say corn syrup or that kind of thing in there. And the reason is, most baked goods are already plenty sweet enough without adding more corn syrup or a sweetener in there, so you want natural applesauce.

NEMA: O.K., your recipes for the no fat chocolate cake and the low fat brownies have become staples in my home....but let's get out a great idea for summer salads....

MAUER: This is Parmesan salad dressing...and this is a dressing that you'll want to put on the salad of greens maybe fifteen to twenty minutes before you serve it, so that it actually wilts it down just a little bit. And this is great...this has got real Parmesan cheese in it too. You're gonna need: One cup of non-fat mayonnaise, or even low fat mayonnaise, a half a cup of skim milk, four teaspoons of sugar...or you can substitute two packets of Nutrasweet or any of the sugar substitutes, if you're watching you're sugar...a quarter cup, scant cup of fresh, grated Parmesan cheese,and half a teaspoon of fresh, ground black pepper. Whisk all those ingredients in a bowl, and you're gonna want to put a cover on that and put it in the refrigerator maybe for two or three hours, you want the Parmesan cheese to bloom in there...you want the flavor to really get imparted to that dressing. Then I prepare a big bowl of salad greens, and then put that on those greens about 15 or 20 minutes before you want to serve it, so that it wilts em down, just a little bit....and its absolutely incredible.

NEMA: Thanks, Don...."Lean and Lovin' It" is a real page turner...if you like to cook, and eat! I'm Steve Girard.

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