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Week: 554.3 Topics: News and Notes: Hangover, recognizing station WLEW Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Hungover? Some remedies coming up....

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NEMA: Some of us may be welcoming '97 with a throbbing theme...hangover. Nick Van Oudtshoorn's Hangover Handbook quotes Pliny the Elder in the first century A.D., who says after too much of the grape, you simply down six raw owl's eggs...but my grocer hasn't stocked owl's eggs since the second century. Also from the Handbook- Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling's remedy of a massive dose of Vitamin C....but then he said that about a lot of things. Dad's best advice - a couple of aspirin and a glass of milk before bed...works pretty well. The Wilkinson Pharmacy in Queenstown, New Zealand, home of heavy brew and kiwi wine...advises a concoction called Berocca...a capsule with a big dose of B and C Vitamins, but it's not available in the states. Dr. Earl Mindell, who wrote The Vitamin Bible several years ago, again suggests 50 mgs of B Vitamins with food. Seems like a trend...I'd give it a try.

We'd like to acknowledge our affiliate in the Flint, Michigan area...WLEW ... airing our show for all of its ten years.

Thanks for joining us...the National Emergency Medicine Association sponsors The Heart of the Matter. The Internet website: www.NEMAhealth.org. I'm Steve Girard.


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