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Transcripts: 561.1 to 561.3

Week: 561.1 Guest: Anne Fletcher, Reg. Dietitian, Author- Eating Thin for Life Topic: Weight Loss successes for low fat/fat free foods Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Look out for low fat!...coming up....

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NEMA: Anne Fletcher's book Eating Thin for Life takes a look at weight loss successes...and what people have done to lose weight and keep it off for years. She asked 208 of these people for their take on low-fat and fat-free products...

FLETCHER: And I did find that quite a few of them do make good use of low-fat and fat-free products, but they've learned something about them...and that's that you can't eat all you want of fat-free foods.

NEMA: Fletcher says one woman has a special relationship with 'fat-free'...

FLETCHER: She says, "In my mind, something clicks and says, 'free means I can eat all I want'". Now that's not true for all these people, because some of them do use the fat free products. But the bottom line is: fat-free and low-fat can be helpful, but you still have to watch portion size. And that's why one of the food secrets of these people is what somebody aptly coined the phrase 'fix your full button'. Lot's of us eat beyond the point of being full, so it's important to take steps not to do that, and one of them is portion control...whether it's fat-free or not fat-free.

NEMA: Eating Thin for Life has hundreds of keep-it-off tips, and favorite recipes of the weight loss masters. It's available in bookstores from Chapters Publishing. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.


Week: 561.2 Guest: Anne Fletcher, Reg. Dietitian, Author- Eating Thin for Life Topic: Do people successful in weight loss continue a strict diet? Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: You don't have to count fat grams...coming up....

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NEMA: In Eating Thin for Life, Dietitian Anne Fletcher went back to 208 people she surveyed in her first book, Thin for Life, for the tips and habits of people she calls 'weight loss Masters'...who have lost at least 20 pounds and kept it off for at least three years.....

FLETCHER: I kind of thought when I started studying these weight loss masters, that I'd find a lot of fanatics, and people who eat like birds. When I asked them, "Do you feel like you're dieting"? Nine out of ten said 'no'.

NEMA: And do they continue to count every calorie and fat gram?

FLETCHER: I only found 6 out of 208 people who keep track of fat grams. That doesn't mean they're not conscious, but they're not obsessively counting grams of fat and most of them are not counting calories. If their weight goes up a few pounds, they might go back and do some of the things that helped them lose weight in the first place.

NEMA: The people in Eating Thin for Life have accomplished their goal, relaxing into their new habits, staying around their favored weight, and not berating themselves for straying occasionally. Anne Fletcher's book has hundreds of real life methods for reinforcing commitment, including humor....one woman says, "I'm allergic to that..it makes me break out - in fat!" The book is available at bookstores nationwide. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.

Week: 561.3 Guest: Anne Fletcher, Reg. Dietitian, Author- Eating Thin for Life Topic: Weight loss success without drugs Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Weight loss success without drugs...coming up...

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NEMA: Anne Fletcher, registered dietitian and author of Thin for Life, interviewed more than 200 people who had lost an average of 64 pounds and kept it off for at least three years...in part to dispatch the myth that it couldn't be done. In Eating Thin for Life, she gets hundreds of real life tips and recipes from these people she calls 'weight loss masters'...

FLETCHER: ...and not one person told me that they used any kind of an appetite suppressant to lose their weight...and they've come up with some really nifty ways of stopping themselves from going beyond the point of being full, like "I brush my teeth...that signifies the end of a meal to me". Or, "I only put a set amount on my plate and I don't go back for seconds".

NEMA: Fletcher believes new generations of appetite suppressants will make it easier for some people to control their weight, but points out that most people don't experience a huge loss on the pill alone...

FLETCHER: ...so if you think you're going to lose a hundred pounds by just taking a pill and not changing anything else, it's not going to happen.

NEMA: Anne Fletcher says it'll take a combination of efforts, including exercise and eating behavior changes, for those who want to lose weight. Eating Thin for Life, from Chapters Publishing, is in bookstores everywhere. I'm Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.


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