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Week: 563.1 Guest: Dr. Donald Redelmeier, Researcher, University of Toronto, CA Topic: Car Phones Shown Dangerous Producer/Host: Steve Girard

NEMA: Don't dial - Drive!....coming up....

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NEMA: A study on the use of car phones from the University of Toronto is a strong warning to wait to call until you get home....Dr. Donald Redelmeier led the study....

REDELMEIER: We found that using a cellular telephone was associated with a four-fold increase in the risk of a collision.

NEMA: That's as dangerous as driving drunk! And for those of you who say, "I just use the phone hands-free"...

REDELMEIER: ...one of the most surprising findings of our study was that hands-free cellular telephones appear to offer no large safety advantage...suggesting that the main factor in the collision was the drivers' limitations in concentration, rather than limitations in dexterity...that is, what people are doing with their brains, not so much with they're hands.

NEMA: Common sense advice: don't call or receive calls unless it's necessary, and then find a place to pull over. It's good to have one in your car, it can save your life. But don't let it contribute to a crash. I'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.


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