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Week: 574.3

Guest: Brian Sanderoff, pharmacist, holistic practitioner
Topic: Treatment at the holistic pharmacy
Host/ Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: The holistic pharmacist...coming up....

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NEMA: Brian Sanderoff is a pharmacist who has embraced the idea of disease prevention...through what he calls a holistic pharmacy...

SANDEROFF: My practice is based on nutrition and holistic counseling. A patient will come into my office and will let me know what's going on in their body, nutritionally, and from that, we'll be able to start to determine how we can make changes in their lifestyle...their diet and their exercise...and use other tools like meditation, like herbs and nutritional...and homeopathic remedies, to get their body to start to heal itself.

NEMA: Sanderoff believes western medicine, and the so called alternative, or eastern medicine, can complement each other...but believes some traditional medications are bad for a person's overall well being...

SANDEROFF: When a patient comes to me and he's on 5 or 6 prescription medicines, we're able to work to get the body to change...so that eventually, they can - with the help of their doctor, get off of their prescription medicines.

NEMA: The holistic approach is based on an operative balance, and works best in treating chronic, systemic conditions like high blood pressure, and diabetes. I'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.


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