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Week: 577.1

Guest: Ron Hazelton, Home & Garden TV / Good Morning America

Topic: Summer home and garden safety tips

Host/ Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: Mowing safety...coming up

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NEMA: Some tips on mowing safe, with Ron Hazelton, ABC's Good Morning America home improvement editor...first...always put gas in when your mower's cold...

HAZELTON: ...if you get a spill on a hot engine you can have fire and possibly an explosion. So always wait for lawn mower to cool down before you refuel it. And a way to avoid running out of gas in the first place is to check before you start, and start with a full tank.

NEMA: ...And check your mower blade...

HAZELTON: ...and what you want to look for are blades that are badly eroded or chipped or worn. These blades can throw small pieces of metal at amazingly high speeds if they should break off.

NEMA: And Ron says children and mowers don't mix...

HAZELTON: Make sure that the kids are inside and supervised while you're mowing. And never, and I know this is really tempting, but never under any circumstances allow a child to accompany you...to sit on a riding mower along with you.

NEMA: Remember to check the area you're going to mow for rocks, sticks and other objects. I'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.



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