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Week: 579.1

Guest: Dr. Jerzy Jankun, Prof. Urology, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo

Topic: Green tea vs. cancer

Host/Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: Green tea vs. cancer...coming up...

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 NEMA: Researchers at the Medical College of Ohio looked high and low for a compound that would stop cancer from growing...Dr. Jerzy Jankun...

JANKUN: We know that tumors...or cancer, are over expressing an enzyme that is called urokinase...is responsible for all the bad properties of the malignancy, and the process known as angiogenesis...formation of a new vessel around the tumor.

NEMA: A special computer program looked through 250 thousand compounds, and came up with polyphenols, they've proved the most safe and effective of these is found in green tea...but not other, fermented teas...

JANKUN: During the process of the fermentation, most of the polyphenols are oxidized. All benefits of having good inhibitors of urokinase...during production of the black tea...are lost.

NEMA: Dr. Jankun says you should consult your physician before using green tea as a tool against cancer. I'm Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.



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