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Week: 580.5 

Guest: Dr. J. Stanley Smith, Chief of Trauma Svcs./Penn St. Hershey Med. Ctr. 

Topic: Blood supplement test 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard 

NEMA: Nearly as good as real blood...coming up... 

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NEMA: In cases of severe trauma, blood supplements are used in place of whole blood...to maintain blood volume and pressure. A new supplement called hemassist is being tested at 40 trauma centers...and it carries some marked differences from its predecessors....like saline...  

SMITH: This solution also would stay in the blood stream the same as regular blood. It doesn't leak like the saltwater solution and therefore we don't have to give as much of it...  

NEMA: And Dr. J. Stanley Smith, trauma chief of Penn State Hershey Medical Center says hemassist is a big improvement in a big way...  

SMITH: This has a property, number one, of carrying oxygen which is important...to get oxygen to the peripheral tissues of the cells...and it also seems to work on its own to help increase blood pressure more so than just giving the volume back.  

NEMA: And helping a patient's oxygen and blood pressure levels during the first hour of emergency treatment goes a long way toward saving his life. The study will follow those patients for a year after their treatment. I'm Steve Girard

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