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Week: 586.2 

Guest: Dr. John Trojanowski, Chief, Alzheimer’s Ctr., University of Pennsylvania 

Topic: Alzheimer’s progress 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard  

NEMA: Progress against Alzheimer’s...coming up... 

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NEMA: Not long ago, wehad no therapies for Alzheimer’s disease...that has changed. And new discoveries have shown victims have at least two kinds of waxy protein deposits that gum up brain function. Dr. John Trojanowski of the University of Pennsylvania Alzheimer’s Center says genetic study of the plaques is key...  

TROJANOWSKI: If we have the amino acid sequence of the protein, we’ll know what it is...to understand the meaning of these plaques for brain function. Also, enable efforts to develop diagnostics...and most importantly, of course, new therapies.  

NEMA: There have been vast new areas opening in Alzheimer’s research...  

TROJANOWSKI: Science builds a story incrementally, and I think we’re taking big leaps forward at a fairly rapid rate in the last decade...to a scientist...they look like breakthroughs.  

NEMA: Dr. Trojanowski says with genetic, hormonal and vitamin therapies in use and on the way, there is cause for great optimism for future generations of us growing old. I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.