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Week: 586.5 

Guest: Dr. Kathi Kemper, Author, The Holistic Pediatrician 

Topic: Naturopaths help in prevention 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard  

NEMA: A new type of medical help...coming up... 

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NEMA: Some medical areas previously called alternative are now hitting the mainstream as Naturopathic medicine...and Dr. Kathi Kemper, author of The Holistic Pediatrician says practitioners are now licensed in 14 states.  

KEMPER: They have four years of training after college, that in many ways is very similar to medical doctor’s training, however they don’t have long rotations in surgery and they don’t have long classes in pharmacology. In most states, they don’t have hospital privileges and they aren’t licensed to prescribe medications. Instead, they have classes in herbal medicine, in nutritional medicine...some of them also study massage and acupuncture. So, they study a different range of therapeutic tools, but their basic science background is very similar to medical doctors, so their approach tends to be more natural remedies, or home remedies or those sorts of things.  

NEMA: Naturopaths can help with nutritional support, avoiding allergens, and in techniques aimed at rounding out a healthy lifestyle through prevention and therapy. Dr. Kathi Kemper’s The Holistic Pediatrician is from Harper Perennial. I’m Steve Girard for The Heart of the Matter.