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Week: 588.5 

Guest: Dr. Mark Perloe, Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre 

Topic: Confirming infertility, where to go 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard 

NEMA: Infertility...where to go? ...coming up... 

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NEMA: You’ve been trying for about a year now...and still, not pregnant. Why? Well, Dr. Mark Perloe of the Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre says check with your doctor before going to specialist...  

PERLOE: A visit to their physician may pick up a medication that might interfere with the pregnancy. Smoking ought to be discontinued if possible, alcohol use should be decreased. So it’s important that a couple trying to conceive make sure they’re up to date in routine health care.  

NEMA: So, after a couple checks on general health with their physician, and finds they may have a problem, what should they do next?  

PERLOE: Well I think it’s to find a physician who is competent and experienced in dealing with infertility, and to recognize that this is a problem that involves both husband and wife, it’s not just the wife’s problem.  

NEMA: Check out Dr. Perloe’s web site: www.ivf.com/ ....with great information and links to many sources on infertility. I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.