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Week: 591.5 

Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, fmr. Asst. Surgeon Gen’l, President, Prudential Health Care Research Center, Atlanta 

Topic: Study on patient trust 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard 

NEMA: Gauging doctor/patient trust...coming up.. 

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NEMA: Does knowing about the structure of your doctor’s practice, and how he or she is paid...have an effect on your trust and confidence? That’s what Prudential Health Care Research Center is studying...this is Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, a former Assistant Surgeon General....  

KOPLAN: And I think the strongest factor is familiarity and comfort over time with a doctor...that repeated visits and development of a relationship seems to override everything else. So, that it doesn’t matter if you’re paid by the number of people you see, by an outside HMO, or whether you’re paid on a salary or whether you’re given fee-for-service. If a given patient has seen that doctor several times, and has found they like that doctor and thinks they provide good care...then payment doesn’t cloud their level of trust in that doctor.  

NEMA: The study is being wrapped up right now...with official results due in just a few weeks. I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.