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Week: 593.3 

Guest: Martha Hill, PhD, Health information, Behavioral Sci. Johns Hopkins,New President, American Heart Association. 

Topic: American Heart Association goals 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard  

NEMA: The new American Heart Association president ...coming up...  

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NEMA: Martha Hill is a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and the new president of the American Heart Association...the first non-physician to be elected the organization’s chief scientific officer...  

HILL: And I’m very, very interested in the behavior of patients and the behavior of providers, and how these relate to health. So, my own work looks at factors that influence whether or not people get into care, stay in health care, and whether or not they follow treatment recommendations.  

NEMA: And Hill says we need to look at whether or not the care patients receive is consistent with what the scientific evidence tells us is beneficial and helpful.  

HILL: So, my interest is bringing the social and the behavioral sciences forward in the Heart Association. Because you can have many spectacular discoveries that make an enormous difference in people’s lives, but if their daily lives, when they’re not in the hospital, are not helpful, then a lot of our scientific discoveries will not bring about benefits in the health of the public.  

NEMA: More with Martha Hill coming up....I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.