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Week: 599.3  

Guest: Lewis Brantley, President, Board of Directors, Shriners’ Hospitals for Children

 Topic: Shriners’ Hospital 75th anniversary 

Host/Producer: Steve Girard 

NEMA: A milestone for Shriners’ Hospitals...coming up... 

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NEMA: Underneath those funny fezzes, tiny cars and motorbikes we see at parades around the country, there is a strong commitment. The Shriners Hospitals for Children are celebrating 75 years of serving young victims of crippling diseases. Board of Directors president Lewis Brantley... 

BRANTLEY: We still provide the orthopedic care, we do provide emergency burn care and reconstructive surgery for burn injuries. We provide spinal cord injury care and a great deal of research in the all the Shriners' Hospital system.This past year, the budget was in excess of 425 million dollars. That is 1.16 million dollars plus per day that is spent to on children’s health care....the largest single expenditure for children’s health care in the United States.  

NEMA: And the Shriners take no money from patients, families, the government or insurance companies. Mr. Brantley says they are always looking for leads on kids who need help... 

BRANTLEY: If they know of a child that needs orthopedic care, or burn care or spinal cord injury care....if they would please call 1-800-237-5055 for absolutely free, expert medical care for that child.  

NEMA: I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.