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Week: 604.2

Guest: Richard Kreider, PhD. Exercise and Sport Nutrition Lab, University of Memphis

Topic: Creatine rebuttal

Host/Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: More on the most popular athletic supplement...coming up..

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NEMA: Creatine is the most popular athletic supplement...because it puts on muscle, and helps the muscle handle short repetitive burst of activity better. Some have questioned whether creatine may play a role in increased muscle cramping and tears...Dr. Richard Kreider of the University of Memphis...

KREIDER: We have not experienced that at all. We have had our athletes at the University of Memphis involved with creatine in several studies. And we have not seen any relationship whatsoever with muscle strain pulls, cramping. The first two years that we did it, we actually felt that there was less incidence, and that the athlete recovered faster after injury because they were able to be stronger, and the muscle may have been able to recover faster.

NEMA: If you’re using creatine, make sure to take no more than 30 grams a day, Dr. Kreider says there’s no research to support it. I’m Steve Girard, at The Heart of the Matter.



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