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Week: 606.2 (reprise of 587.1)

Guest: Dr. Margaret Tucker, National Institutes of Health

Topic: Moles and Melanoma risk

Host/Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: Moles and your risk of melanoma..coming up...

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NEMA: A National Cancer Institute study has shown that the number of moles you have, regular... or large and unusual, has an impact on your risk of melanoma...doctors have been wondering about this for years...Dr. Margaret Tucker is the lead author of the report...

TUCKER: What we found was that people who have an increased number of small ordinary moles are at about a two fold increased risk of melanoma. People who have an increased number of small and large ordinary moles, have about a four fold increase risk of melanoma. People who have one unusual mole have a two-fold increased risk of melanoma. And people who have a large number of these unsual moles have over a ten fold increased risk of developing melanoma.

NEMA: Examination of your moles and freckles might become part of your routine doctors visits...according to Dr. Tucker...especially those with lots of large moles, and those with fair complexions. I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.



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