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Week: 606.4 (reprise of 585.1)

Guest: Dr. John Bland, Author, Live Long, Die Fast

Topic: We’re misinformed on aging

Host/Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: We’re misinformed on aging...coming up...

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NEMA: In Dr. John Bland’s new book, called Live Long, Die Fast, the octogenarian and marathon runner tells us that we are misinformed about growing old...

BLAND: It need not be a progressing set of events that leave one frail and incompetent. There is no age at which there is not a prompt and considerably in depth response to either intellectual fitness or physical fitness. It’s always been thought, I think that people...as they get to 60’s and beyond, that there is a gradual reduction in all body functions. And this, as it turns out now that we know so very much more about aging, that has little at all in fact to support that attitude.

NEMA: Dr. Bland shreds misconceptions about alcohol, memory, and living to be 100...

BLAND: ...the book, I feel, allows one to conquer the fears and facts of aging. Once one knows the facts, than there’s little to fear.

NEMA: More with Dr. Bland soon...I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.


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