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Week: 610.5

Guest: Desmond Morris, producer - The Human Sexes

Topic: Humor’s role in human success

Host/Producer: Steve Girard

NEMA: Humor and human success...coming up...

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NEMA: In his new series on The Learning Channel, Desmond Morris looks at the reasons humans flourished over the millennia...and at the core, it’s the success of the relationship between man and woman that has fueled all of our accomplishments. And he says as we continue to come to terms with our gender roles as they fit into the society we’ve created, we must keep one exclusively human trait going strong...

MORRIS: ...we evolved as a species that kept childhood playfulness and extended it right through adult life. And one of the secrets of good relationships between adult men and women is to retain that playfulness in the relationship. That’s why humor is so important in any marriage, and if you lose your sense of humor and your sense of fun, you find it much more difficult to maintain a loving relationship.

NEMA: The Human Sexes examines our origins from the most successfully proliferating species on the one which continually creates societal conundrums that many times go against our gender nature. The series airs beginning February 2nd on The Learning Channel. I’m Steve Girard at The Heart of the Matter.