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579(7).txt Mentoring against drugs
564(7).txt Positive effects of nicotine
546(2-3).txt Compulsive Gambling
538(3- 4).txt New FDA rules on cigarettes and children
535(1-2).txt Caffeine (How to get off of it)
520(1-2).txt How Tobacco Industries Keep Smokers Hooked
518(1-3).txt Alcohol and The Heart
517(1-3).txt Tobacco Lawsuits
505(1-5).txt Tobacco advertising and the aborted 60 min.
504(5).txt Smoking ban in the workplace
498(1-5).txt Project Life, "THE SANCTUARY"
493(1-4).txt Kids alcohol and holidays
491(4-5).txt Drug Prevention Funding
484(5).txt Which Pain Reliever should you choose
484(4).txt Prescription Dates
474-1 to 474-4 MD. Smoking Ban (PARRIS GLENDENING)
470-1 to 470-4 Alcoholic Treatment
468-5 OTC Drugs and Alcohol
466-1 to 466-5 Drug Abuse
461-1 to 461-4 MADD
455-1 Smoking and Heart Disease
446-1 to 446-5 Drug/Society (food of the Gods)
429-1 to 429-5 Domestic Violence
416-1 to 416-5 Outpatient addiction treatment
415-1 to 415-5 Tobacco Update
410-5 Alcohol and your Liver
401-1 to 401-5 Quitting Smoking 1-5 (Dr. Brookland)
385-1 to 385-5 Heroin Addiction (life as a junkie)
383-5 Final Call (Alcohol Breath Tester)
378-1 to 378-5 Tobacco and advertising
365-5 Risk of Combining Alcohol & Drugs
365-1 to 365-2 Teenage Drinking & Driving - Parts I & II
358-1 Smoking (effects ears nose & throat)
346-3 Caffeine and Smoking
326-2 Crack Cocaine II (why it has invaded all society)
326-1 Crack Cocaine I (why it is so addictive)
318-1 Can we change the behavior of an intoxicated person
317-5 Valium works like Alcohol brings out the worst in us
317-4 How much Alcohol/taken brings out the worst in us
317-3 Does Alcohol make people aggressive
315-5 Tobacco Industry (can we fight them)
315-4 Cigarette manufacturing (make it illegal)
315-3 Tobacco Industry (is it aiming at our children)
314-2 Smoking (lung cancer)
314-1 Nicotine Patch (can help)
307-3 to 307-4 Teen Alcohol & Rehabilitation I & II
303-3 The Promise Rose (help teens avoid drugs)
298-3 Legalizing Drugs Won't Solve The Profit Motive
297-5 Needle Park (lessons we learn)
297-3 Needle Park (Surich Switzerland)
293-3 Dr. Coop taxes on cigarette sales
293-2 Dr. Coop smoking an overall bad habit
255-1 to 255-4 Quitting Smoking I-IV
250-2 Poisoning II (Drug overdose)
248-4 Alcohol Injuries
243-1 to 243-5 Tranquilizer Dependency I thru V
224-2 Identifying Drug & Alcohol Abuse
224-1 Alcohol & Adolescents
220-2 to 220-3 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Among Kids I & II
212-4 Teen Alcoholism II
211-1 Teen Alcoholism I
206-1 to 206-2 Children of Substance Abusers I and II
205-5 Should Our Physicians Be Randomly Tested For Drugs
100-3 Nicotine & Cocaine
099-5 Prescription Drugs - Drug Addiction
099-3 Smokers
092-5 The War On Drugs Also Means Understanding Addiction
087-5 Alcohol/Drugs and Driving A Deadly Combination
084-4 What Is It Like To Be A Child Of Alcoholic Parents?
083-1 Women And Alcoholism
073-1 Help for Smokers
069-5 Liz Roberts Reports About Prescription Abuse
063-1 How Cocaine Affects The Unborn Baby
055-2 Accidents Caused By Drug & Alcohol
055-1 Teen Alcoholism I
054-2 Women Alcoholics
044-1 Drug Addiction In Our Hospitals
040-3 Can You Become Addicted To Prescription Drugs?
028-4 Drug Testing Results Could Point An Accusing Finger
028-3 If you're a Smoker, what to expect now & year 2000
027-1 Evidence that Smoking kills
021-2 Children of Alcoholics
016-1 What Cocaine Does To The Heart
011-4 A Link Between Smoking & Drug Addiction
010-1 World Of Alcoholism

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