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593(6b).txt Mass media health information
591(6b).txt HMO research into patient trust
579(6-1).txt Medicare Medical Savings Accounts
550(4).txt Empowerment for people navigating health care
550(3).txt The Big Question in choosing a New Health Plan
545(1-3).txt C. Everett Coop on The Changing Face of Health Care
525(3).txt Choosing a Hospital
480-1 to 480-4 HMO's Problems
453-4 to 453-5 Getting Out of Debt I & II
453-1 to 453-3 Debt & Health I to III
452-2 to 452-5 Health Care Reform and Politics II to V
437-1 to 437-5 The Tort Reform
423-1 to 423-5 Health Care (Brigadier General Adams-Ender)
391-4 to 391-5 Health Insurance Fraud
389-1 to 389-5 Health Care (Clinton Plan)
386-1 to 386-2 Quaker Oats Health Plan
357-3 Health Care reform (will it effect malpractice lawsuits)
357-2 Health Care (small businesses)
357-1 Health Care Reform
349-4 Health Care for Everyone
349-3 Health Care Costs - a proposal
349-2 Health Care Costs climbing faster than Inflation
347-5 Health Care Cost (insurance industry)
347-4 Health Care Cost are out of control
341-1 Hospitals (how to get quality care)
339-4 Hospital (expensive)
339-3 Hospital (selecting)
338-1 Negotiate with your doctor & hospital
337-5 Reducing Health Care Bills
335-2 Century Old Medical Facts
333-2 Medical advertising (how to detect fraudulent ads)
333-1 Medical advertising (what facilities to look for)
332-3 Health Care Cost (who is opposing a change)
332-2 Health Care Cost (single payer system)
332-1 Health Care Cost/run away health care cost the USA)
327-3 HMO (and private insurance)
327-2 HMO (disadvantage of)
327-1 HMO (tips on selecting)
321-3 Battle of Health Care Cost
321-2 Health Care Industry Makes too much profit
321-1 Affordable Health Care for everyone
319-1 to 319-3 How to survive a hospital stay I thru III
307-2 Medical Negligence II
307-1 Medical Negligence I
304-5 Health Care (suggesting a reform)
301-3 Benefits Available To Sick Workers in Germany
301-2 Health Care II (social medicine system)
301-1 Health Care I
293-5 Dr. Coop reforming the US health care system
293-4 Dr. Coop health care system
293-1 Dr. Coop prefers universal precaution testing
289-1 Collecting Health Data
288-1 to 288-5 US & Canadian Health Care
284-5 Home Health Care (workers c fraud & abuse)
284-4 Home Health Care
274-2 The Jeffersonian Approach
270-1 National Public Health Disaster
215-4 Can you Buy Better Health Care?
094-1 Dr. Red Duke/Talks About Trauma And Its Costs
087-2 Are Hospital Dr./Alert & Awake on the Job
078-1 Part II About Proposals For National Health Care
077-1 Proposals For National Health Care
062-5 A New Approach To HMO's
057-4 Quality Health Care
056-1 Trying To Close The Black/White Health Gap
054-1 Health Care Problems And Solutions
053-3 Saving Urban Lives
053-1 Rising Health Care Costs
034-3 One In Six Americans Has No Health Insurance
034-1 Politics Of Catastrophic Health Care
033-3 Long Term Illness And The Poverty That Results
032-3 Medical Ethics c Part II
020-3 The Lack Of Health Care In Communities Around Us
019-3 Health and Medicine In Developing Countries
019-1 Communities That Don't Receive Health Care
012-2 Americans In Desperate Need Of Medical Care
004-2 Medical Ethics
003-3 Quality of Care
002-4 Health Insurance

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