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Read Your 5-Minute Guide to Heart Attack - Prevention and Survival

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608(6).txt Everyday stresses/cardio ischemia
603(6a).txt New high blood pressure guidelines
600(6).txt Aspirin and preventing heart attacks and strokes
American Heart Association goals
590(6).txt Everyday stresses/cardio ischemia
588(6).txt Robotics in coronary surgery 
569(7).txt Chest Pain Emergency Room/EHAC
559(6).txt Popular medium chain oil does cause cholesterol to rise
557(7).txt Old beta blockers shown best for heart attack victims
553(2-3).txt Changing dynamics in homes facing serious illness- Two Parts
553(1).txt National study on psychological support for heart attack patients
547(5).txt Congestive Heart Failure
543(2-4).txt Balloon Angioplasty a successful procedure progresses
537-3.txt Reducing heart attack risk for post-menopause women
520(3).txt How to Prevent a Heart Attack Through Stress Reduction
514(4).txt Fibrillation
514(3).txt Heart Failure
514(1-2).txt Heart Stress Test
511(1-5).txt Reversing Heart Disease
492(3-4).txt The Heart Center
481-1 to 481-5 Vitamin E and the Heart
445-1 to 445-5 Heart Terminology
395-4 to 395-5 Closed Networks
390-1 to 390-4 The Chest Pain Emergency Room
374-1 Dip Stick Heart Attack Test
355-3 Defibrillator II
355-2 Defibrillator (Implantable a matter of life & death)
329-5 How long Angioplasty lasts
329-4 Are Angioplasties being abused?
329-3 Angina- what it is and how to treat it
313-2 Heart (a new procedure allows choice and cost less)
313-1 Heart (a new procedure to look at it)
305-5 Hypertension - Lifestyle changes
304-4 Angina (blockage can be reversed)
304-3 Angioplasty (treatment for Angina)
296-5 Cardio Myoplasty (who can benefit)
296-4 Cardio Myoplasty (experimental program)
295-5 Cardio Myoplasty (new operation for Heart failure)
295-4 Congestive Heart Failure (a growing problem)
272-4 The chest examination
260-1 Children Heart Disease (how to prevent this)
256-5 Lasers used to unblock arteries
256-4 New tools to unblock coronary arteries
254-1 New Treatments for Heart Attack Patients
253-5 Heart Attacks can be minimized
234-2 Preventive Cardiology II
234-1 Preventive Cardiology
227-4 CPR
227-3 Preventive Cardiac Care II
227-2 Preventive Cardiac Care
219-4 Defibrillator (Can help certain Heart patients)
218-4 Education/Hospitals/Patient/Coronary Care
215-3 Education/Hospitals/Patient/Heart Attacks
209-5 Sudden death from Cardiac arrest
206-4 Sudden death from Heart Disease
203-4 Early Signs of a Heart Attack
203-3 Emergency Room for Chest Pain Part II
203-2 Emergency Room for Chest Pain
203-1 Emergency Room Coronary Care
099-1 City Living & Your Heart
098-1 Mysterious Sounding Condition Could Affect Your Heart
096-4 Automatic Defibrillator, Why Is It Controversial
092-2 Heart burn, Its Causes And Treatment
092-1 Telephone Assisted CPR
087-4 What Happens If You Have A Heart Attack While Flying
084-3 Big City Living Can Affect Your Heart - How?
082-2 New Research Linking Depression And Heart Disease
081-1 The Major Problem With Heart Transplants/No Hearts
073-2 Treating Heart Disease
070-1 Should You Exercise After A Attack?
069-3 Monitoring the Heart by Telephone
068-1 Life Saving Defibrillator
065-1 We Hear About New Ways To Save Dying Hearts
063-4 Hospital Patients Die After CPR
062-1 Heart Transplantation
061-4 Heart Problems And Aging
061-2 The # 1 cause of death in the United States
060-2 Value of CPR
056-2 Translating Hearts In Infants
052-4 Heart Transplants for Children
050-1 How Heart Disease Affects Black Families In America
049-3 Heart Attack Survivors
043-1 Children Genetic Heart Problems
041-2 Childhood Risks For Heart Attacks
038-1 The Latest Research Using Discarded Hearts
035-1 A Type Of Heart Attack You Cannot Feel
034-2 Alternative To Heart Bypass Surgery
033-2 New Research Into Relieving High Blood Pressure
030-2 Whether Heart Disease can be reversed
027-2 Heart Attacks Impact On The Mind
026-4 High Blood Pressure, Who Is Most Vulnerable
022-4 Exercising Your Way Out Of A Heart Attack
021-1 Children Heart Problems
020-5 Four Legged Heart Donors
020-2 Men Having Heart Attacks But How About Women?
015-1 Larry King Rejoins c More About His Heart Attack
012-3 An Update On Heart Transplants
012-1 The Inner Workings Of The Heart...By Sound
011-1 Heart Valve Transplants
008-1 Lifestyles And Our Hearts
007-1 The Language Of The Heart
006-5 Women And Heart Disease
004-1 Heart Transplants
003-1 Heart Organizations
002-2 Children & Heart Attacks
001-2 General Heart Information
001-1 Larry King And Heart Attacks

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