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609(6b)txt Migraines/treatments
596(6).txt Pulling Dexfen and Fenflouramine
Medical marijuana 
548(1-2).txt The Phen-Fen Phenomenon/America latches on to the newest diet drug
532(3-4).txt Civil War Medicine Museum
529(2).txt Future Promise in the field of Chronotherapy?
529(1).txt Chronotherapy
514(5).txt Melatonin
510(4-5).txt Over the Counter Antacids
494(1-5).txt Antioxidant Vitamins
488(5).txt Prescription storage
486(2).txt Antacids
486(1).txt Disposing of old medications
480-5 Family Medicine
458-1 to 458-3 Prescription Mistakes I to III
440-1 ITC Analgesics II
417-1 to 417-3 Antibiotics (Decreasing effectiveness)
393-4 to 393-5 Rolfing (Alternative health Techniques)
387-4 to 387-5 Aomeopathic Medicine
369-1 to 369-3 Pharmacist (Charges)
365-4 Benefits of Aspirin & Other Cancer reducing substances
365-3 Aspirin may reduce Digestive Cancer
35-5 Retin - A
302-5 Life Saving Plant (in danger of becoming extinct)
302-4 Alternative medicine
302-2 to 302-3 Homeopathic Medicine I and II
302-1 Ethno-Botanist (Bring Ancient Culture/ Modern Medicine)
301-5 Drugs Come From Primitive Cultures
291-3 Ancient Medical Practices
291-2 Ancient Egyptians
291-1 Ancient Greek
290-5 Ancient Medicine
233-5 Pharmaceutical Industry in Medicine II
233-4 Pharmaceutical Industry in Medicine I
230-1 Science & Medicine II
229-5 Science & Medicine I
229-3 to 229-4 Women Leadership in Medicine
228-5 Future of Medicine II
228-4 Future of Medicine
210-3 The Clot Dissolving Drugs
041-3 A new Antibiotic
040-1 Aspirin and the risk of regular doses
039-3 Major Drug Company Fights High Costs of Medication
031-3 Aspirin is for more than Aches and Pains
029-3 The New Miracle Drug, TPA
009-3 Generic Drugs / Name Brands

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