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605(7).txt Controlling the holiday waistline
601(6b).txt Good news on garlic 
586(6).txt Herbal teas 
582(7).txt Cholesterol is OK 
582(6).txt Physicians learning nutrition 
581(6B).txt Plantain/digitalis danger & ephedrine advisory 
584(6).txt  MSG's role in taste & hunger
572(6).txt Ushering in a low fat summer.....
561(7).txt The use of herbal teas
561(6).txt Real advice from successful dieters
534(4).txt Eating Onions
533(3-4).txt Vegetarians... then and now
528(3).txt How To Prevent Food Poisoning
528(1).txt Prepare your own Low Fat Food Products
527(5).txt Preparing Low Fat Desserts
527(4).txt Visiting a Healthy Food Supermarket
527(3).txt How to Reduce Fat in Your Favorite Foods
527(1).txt Seafood Diseases and Safety
526(5).txt We Learn How to Cook Low Fat Food and Love It
526(3).txt Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure in the Elderly
523(5).txt Thin- Fit for Life
520(4-5).txt What is HDL and LDL In Your Cholesterol Test
519(1-4).txt Fake Fat (Olestra)
506(1-3).txt How Do You Know Your Food Is Organic
487(1-5).txt Low Fat Eating
444-1 to 444-5 Vitamins
421-1 to 421-5 Photochemical and Disease Prevention
420-1 to 420-2 Diet Pills (do diet pills work)
413-1 to 413-2 Bovine Growth Hormone
407-1 to 407-5 Food Irradiation
399-1 to 399-5 Eating Disorders
390-5 Macrobiotic
383-1 to 383-4 Food allergies & Intolerance
380-1 to 380-5 FDA /Freedom Of Choice
364-1 to 364-5 Dietary Fat and Disease Part I thru V
363-5 More from FDA and Seafood Inspection
363-4 What Does The FDA Do To Insure Safty In Seafood
352-5 Starvation & Infants
352-4 Starvation (how Doctors are treating this)
351-5 How Much Food Do You Eat
346-2 Milk For Your Children
332-5 Cholesterol - can low Cholesterol cause cancer
332-4 Children and Low Cholesterol
330-5 Reading Labels in the Grocery Store
330-4 Overuse of Supplemental Vitamins
325-5 Overweight (discrimination)
317-2 Food Fads (are we subject to them)
313-3 Should People Diet?
312-3 American Dietetic Association (Favors RDI)
312-2 FDA and RDI dietary Standards (Problem)
312-1 Can supplemental nutrition help average American diet?
306-1 Weight Loss/Exercise for Blood Pressure Control
305-2 FDA'S Procedures (can we trust them)
301-4 Coffee (moderate coffee drinking isn't bad)
286-1 Cholesterol & Elderly
256-2 Food Borne Illness (Different Types)
256-1 Food Borne Illness (store/prepare food)
255-5 Food Borne Illness (Poultry & eggs)
245-1 to 245-5 Childhood Obesity I thru V
242-5 Eating Disorders V (Warning Signs)
242-4 Eating Disorders IV (health problems)
242-3 Eating Disorders III
242-2 Eating Disorders II (Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia)
242-1 Eating Disorders I (what are the causes)
233-1 to 233-2 Male Eating Disorders I and II
209-2 L-Tryptopan Diet Supplement
208-1 to 208-3 Cholesterol & Health I thru III
097-1 New Cholesterol Test
096-5 Lactose Intolerance
095-4 Childhood Obesity is dangerous
083-3 Many questions about Cholesterol - We have answers
082-3 We have the latest on Dietary fats
072-3 Up to the Minute News about Dieting
071-5 An Expert Speaks Out About Fat Diets
067-2 The Importance of testing Cholesterol in children
064-1 The Accuracy of Cholesterol Guidelines
039-1 Children with High Cholesterol Levels
038-3 A Story About Food And The Brain
037-1 The Latest Developments in Cholesterol Research
035-2 Carcinogens in the food we eat
030-1 The Food And Drug Administration II
029-1 The Food And Drug Administration I
028-5 Nutrition Tips - Dr. Light
027-5 Nutrition Tips - Dr. Light
026-5 Cholesterol
025-5 Good Nutrition Is Good For Your Heart
020-1 News About Nutrition Therapy
018-4 More News about Cholesterol and Your Heart
018-2 Safe Way to Treat Obesity
017-4 A New Cholesterol Fighting Drug
017-3 Heart Patients talk about Cholesterol
016-2 Eating Disorders
015-4 Bulimia And Anorexia
011-2 Contamination In The Food We Eat
010-5 The Parable of the Old Mule (Diet)
010-4 Nutrition Tips - Dr. Light
009-5 News About A New Diet
009-4 Nutrition Tips/National Cancer Institute
009-1 Cholesterol
008-3 Link Between Diet & Cancer
008-2 Congressman - Hundreds Pounds Lighter
002-5 Nutrition #2
001-5 Nutrition #1

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