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599(7).txt Helping the deaf hear again (reprise of 580(6) 
Helping the deaf hear again
549(3).txt Laser eye surgery called PRK
538(1-2).txt Bad breath
533(1-2).txt UV (the signs of damage to the eye)
522(1).txt Dental Procedures
521(2).txt Dental Problems
521(1).txt Guiding Eyes for the Blind
502(5).txt Lasers and Eye Surgery
496(5).txt Foreign Bodies in the Eye
493(5).txt Eye Infections
492(5).txt Cataracts
490(5).txt Glaucoma
490(3-4).txt Contact Lenses
449-3 to 449-5 Saving your teeth
436-1 to 436-2 Noise & Hearing Loss
433-3 to 433-5 Aromatherapy
425-1 to 425-4 Neck Spasms
412-2 to 412-3 Guide Dogs for the Blind
408-1 to 408-5 Eye Care
381-1 to 381-5 Fear of Dentistry
373-1 to 373-3 Retinitis Pigmentosa (Night Blindness)
355-5 Dental Fillings presenting Health Risks
354-5 Cataract Surgery
354-4 Cataracts & Muscular Degeneration
354-3 Glaucoma
353-3 Aging Eye
351-3 Sinuses III (smoking)
351-2 Sinuses II (infections)
351-1 Sinuses I (what purpose do they serve)
335-5 Cataract Surgery and complications
335-4 Cataracts and Age
327-4 Swimmers Ear (prevention and cure)
325-4 Cataracts (primary cause in blindness)
325-3 Dystonia
325-2 Blindness in the US (Causes)
325-1 Blindness in the young (causes)
323-1 Speech (the main distinction between man and animals)
318-5 Near sightedness is preventable
309-2 Visualization & Performance
309-1 Hard vs Soft Vision
308-3 Children learn vision
308-2 Vision & Sight (difference between the two)
296-3 Eyes (early diagnoses)
281-5 Eyes (glaucoma)
281-4 Eyes (work Injury)
281-3 Eyes (preventable injury - sports & work)
281-2 Eyes (eye care for Children)
281-1 Eyes (signs of Eye problems)
275-4 Nerve Deafness
275-3 How we Lose our Hearing
275-2 Difficulties of People Using Hearing Aids
275-1 Noise & Hard of Hearing
247-3 Dental Clinic (Himalayas)
246-5 Contact Lenses V
246-4 Contact Lenses IV
246-3 Contact Lenses III
246-2 Contact Lenses II
246-1 Contact Lenses I
244-5 Eye Condition (Astigmatism)
244-4 Eye Condition (Presbyopia)
223-2 Eye Conditions (Hyperopia)
223-1 Eye Conditions (Myopia)
216-2 Visual Impairment Blacks and Whites
210-4 Strep throat and rheumatic fever
206-5 Newborns Hearing
202-5 Sinusitis
098-5 Swallowing
092-4 Cataracts And The Sun Is There A Link?
080-1 What's Behind That Ringing In Our Ears
079-1 Noise and Hearing
066-4 Teeth and How To Keep Them Healthy
064-3 Deaf People Should Learn To Sign & Speak Part II
064-2 Should Deaf People Learn To Speak
055-5 The Latest On New Hearing Tests For Infants
053-2 The Secrets Of Beautiful Teeth
048-5 Space Glasses
045-5 Swallowing
045-2 New Therapy For Infant Eye Problems
017-5 Special Report From Liz Roberts (Sign Language)
013-2 Blind People Learn To Dance
007-2 Eye Care

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