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589(7a).txt Breast cancer/oil study
588(7 ).txt Infertility
586(7).txt Estrogen/Osteoporosis 
585(6).txt Women’s heart research 
576(7).txt Study shows more pregnant women are drinking, and drinking more
571(7).txt Infertility
567(8).txt Estrogen and osteoporosis study
558(6).txt The link between alcohol and estrogen
546(1).txt Breast Cancer Prevention Study at NIH
545(5).txt Women's Health Initiative
545(4).txt Breast Cancer Studies
531(5).txt In Vitro Program
531(1-3).txt Mammograms (personal questions)
528(4-5).txt Hysterectomy
521(5).txt Length of Maternity Stay at Hospital Issue
504(1-4).txt Women and the health care system
497(1-5).txt The Women's Health Initiative
495(1-5).txt Breast Cancer Survivals
478(3-4) CCD dectectors improve breast imaging
455-2 to 455-4 Mammograms (women under 50)
451-1 to 451-3 Breast Wellness Center
443-1 to 443-5 Menopause Industry
431-4 to 431-5 Breast Implants (dangers and alternatives)
410-1 to 410-4 Mammograms
404-5 Gynecological Health Care For Women
403-1 to 403-5 Menopause
402-1 to 402-2 Birthing Centers/ Hospitals I & II
396-1 to 396-5 Breast Implants
394-1 to 394-5 Women and Heart
372-1 to 372-5 Prophylactic Mastectomy
368-1 to 368-5 Women and Heart Disease
356-1 & 356-2 Abortion Pill I & II (RUc486)
346-5 Breast Implants and Immunosuppressant Disorders
340-1 Prenatal testing
334-4 Breast feeding (for adoptive mothers)
334-3 Breast feeding (for working mothers)
333-4 Breast feeding (good for mom and baby)
331-4 Teen Pregnancies IV (where are the fathers)
331-3 Teen Pregnancies III (just say no program)
331-2 Teen Pregnancies II (sex education can help)
331-1 Teen Pregnancies I (high risk deliveries)
305-1 Silicone Breast Implants (What if you already have one)
299-2 Silicone Breast Implants II c Is it harmful?
299-1 Silicone Breast Implants I c Why he stopped using it
290-2 Mammograms II
290-1 Mammograms
289-5 Mammograms
289-4 Breast Cancer
276-5 In - Vitro Testing II
276-4 In - Vitro Testing I
276-3 Forceps and C Sections
276-2 Prenatal care
236-5 Pregnancy V c Weight Gain & Travel
236-4 Pregnancy IV c Exercise #2
236-3 Pregnancy III c Exercise #1
236-2 Pregnancy II c Nutrition & Caffeine
236-1 Pregnancy I c Smoking & Drinking
235-4 In - Vitro Fertilization II
235-3 In - Vitro Fertilization I
235-2 Miscarriages II
235-1 Miscarriages I
230-4 TO 230-5 Fetal Therapy I & II
226-5 Pap Smear (Government Regulations)
226-4 Pap Smear False Negative
220-1 Female Physical Exam Part II
219-5 Female Physical Exam Part I
218-2 Contraceptive Vaccine
218-1 Fetal Testing
216-4 Electronic Fetal Monitoring
210-1 Abortion (are they safe)
209-3 to 209-4 Ovarian Cancer I & II
207-4 TO 207-5 Electronic Fetal Monitoring I & II
204-5 Smoking during pregnancy part II
204-4 Smoking during pregnancy
202-2 Abortion Study
202-1 Abortion Consequences
096-2 Should Pregnant Women Exercise?
094-2 Premature Births And Who Are The Women At Risk
093-2 Questions And Answers About Pregnancy
075-1 Breast Cancer And Birth Control Pills
073-5 Hot Flashes
073-4 A Follow Up Story About PMS
072-2 New Mother And A Modern Day Miracle
063-3 Heard A Lot About It In Vitro Fertilization?
060-4 Worst Drug for Mother to be
060-3 Couples who can't have babies
059-5 Mammograms
059-2 The Quality of Fertility Clinics
052-5 PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome
052-1 Using Hi Tech For Monitoring Pregnancies
051-5 Three Letters (PMS) can spell Big Trouble
051-1 News For Women Who Need Prenatal Genetic Testing
048-3 Birth Control Pill
043-3 A Special Report About Women Doctors
040-2 Women And Breast Cancer II
039-2 The High Rate of Breast Cancer
037-4 What Is The Career Woman's Disease (Endometriosis)
030-4 The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy
020-4 Women's Prospects After Breast Surgery
013-4 The Safety Of Estrogen Therapy
005-4 Women in the Work place

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